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water pipes

A place to discover some of the most innovative water bong technology on earth.  If a collection of choice smoking creations is what you are seeking you won't be disappointed by following the leader to the bottom of the sea.

These original pieces of functional fine art are designed and produced with the latest in 3D modeling and printing software and hardware tools.  Using open source 3D surface modeling software Blender and a CR10S ProV2 printer the most intricate and realistic sculptures are possible.  

But the process doesn't end with a expertly constructed model designed with consistent reproduceable production level quality chalices for your highest demands.  The material used is specifically chosen not only for safety and water insolubility it has the ability to be vapor smoothed with the organic compound Acetone.  This uncommon finishing technique rarely seen in 3D printing today leaves the bubblers with a glass-like ultra high gloss surface that shines bright like candy gem stones.

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